Friday, October 10, 2008

How often do freelancers really play hooky?

I'll never tell how often I play hooky. But then again, is it really playing hooky if you're self-employed? Ditching out of the office for "a long lunch" when someone is expecting you to come back is definitely hooky. I mean, it's not likely you're going to show back up at 5 when everyone else is leaving so you can finish the missed afternoon of work.

For freelancers, it's not hooky if you choose to leave the office on a Friday afternoon, with the intention of working on Saturday morning, is it? I've done that plenty, but at some point the work has to get done. If I'm only going to be spinning my wheels creatively on a Friday afternoon, I'll go play instead. But, only if I really am able to reserve Saturday morning for work. And, I've done some great writing over java in my pjs on weekend mornings. When I'm not fighting to be doing something else, the creative juices flow freely. But, like other seasoned freelancers, I've learned there are days when sucking it up and staying in the office can pay great dividends - like a whole day actually away from the office!

So how do you handle hooky time? Are you disciplined enough to stay at the desk regardless or do you go with the creative flow and work only when the mood is right?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What do lapsed donors & lapsed bloggers have in common?

Fall is one of the busiest times in the fundraising arena and one of my many (mostly lame) excuses for not posting as of late. And, like a lapsed donor, it's not that I've lost interest completely, it's just that other things on my plate seemed more pressing .

So, what's brought me back to a commitment to blog more regularly might also be what will bring donors back to your's that time of year!

As the year winds down, we look (sometimes frantically) to see how we can make up ground on meeting our goals for 2008. And, we're taking a peek at what we'll try to accomplish in 2009. Many of the appeals that have kept me busy the last two months will be landing in mailboxes right when donors are of a similar mindset. Who did they commit to helping this year? What are their priorities? How will their end of the year gifts make a difference?

For donors who have "forgotten" to give as of late, end of the year appeals are the perfect opportunity to remind them of how they "fit" with your organization.

How will you be reminding donors of their belief in your mission and work and how important they are? What will make your well-timed ask a meaningful one?