Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Freelancers: When Does Push Become Shove?

One of the biggest complaints from freelancers is the unsteady flow of work and income. It's a gold mine one month and famine the next, but how you cope with it will eventually determine your longterm success.

After what's been the busiest fall yet for me, I actually have a few hours of breathing room this week and I admit, it's been really tempting to take a much-needed break. In past years I might have done that, but with the economy in such an unsteady state, it seems far wiser to push myself a little harder.

So instead of taking a couple of days off this week, I'll be finishing up a new ebook with a fellow writing friend that we're hoping to have out before year's end. It's on goal setting and success strategies for women, so we're doubly motivated to release it in time for all those New Year's resolution setters.

The economy and a deadline committed project partner have given me a good shove to keep up a busy and productive pace, what helps you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When everyone screams "economy" will anyone end up hearing?

It's election day and we're all marking our ballots for the leadership we think can fix the struggling economy...among other things. But, long before the newly elected team could get to work, many organizations were adding references to the tough economic times to fundraising appeals landing in donor mailboxes in the coming months. Some included a one line reference, others wanted to lean harder on the grim outlook in hopes of donors understanding that if they're feeling the economic pain, the poorest of the poor were really feeling it.

As a copywriter, it's seemed easier as of late to make a case for an organization's need, because quite frankly, we're all feeling the pinch. Let's face it, even a simple trip to the grocery store means coming home with less, but paying more!

The other trend in recent appeals has been wanting to share something positive with donors. While it's pretty typical this time of year to remind donors of all the good stuff done throughout the year, it's seemed more important to deliver good news because people are weary of dire headlines.

As you open your end of the year appeals, which will be inspiring you to give - the good..the bad...or are your deep donation pockets simply not as deep this year?