Thursday, February 12, 2009

Internet side-effects...

I'm afraid I'm coming down with some side-effects of internet overkill.

I've been lining up phone calls for a new book project and other client projects and finding it oddly intrusive. With the internet, I control who I talk with and when and I rather enjoy that.
But, email has its limitations. How often have you found yourself sending email clarifications back and forth that one phone call would've take care of? Yup, same here.
And, now with the on slaught of social networking information filling my inbox I wonder if in a few years I'll even have reason to ever meet someone in person! Facebook is redefining "friend" and I wonder how the next generation will feel about phone meetings...or (yikes!) in person meetings.
Do you find yourself hiding behind the internet veil? Is the virtual sandbox the only place we'll meet in the future?