Friday, May 22, 2009

What recession?

So, after shaping up the office on a Friday before a long holiday weekend, I decide to crunch a few numbers and see how things are shaping up in this recession year....

Oh, happy day! The recession seems to have given me a nice raise. Being a freelancer with clients 1,000 miles away, I can't use a particular area of the country as my reason for the good news. I specialize in fundraising and you'd think they'd be hard hit by the country's economic woes.

What I realize is, I work for some pretty smart folks. Organizations that haven't hit the panic button and pulled back on mailing and who are forging ahead with a purpose.

So, if those smart moves put them ahead of the game on the other side of the recession, what do you suppose the outlook will be for my business? ;-)

Enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday and remember to thank the men and women who have made it possible!